Russia: Anti-Vaxx and Pro-“Energy Choice”

There’s no denying the pattern — Russia is attacking the credibility of U.S. institutions to create chaos and stir up distrust of our leaders, engineers, and scientists. This video looks at Russian efforts to spread anti-vaccination propaganda and to push for “energy choice,” a sneaky effort to break up the utilities that actually secure our energy grid (from their cyberattacks).

A Video Introduction to CAFI

What motivates us at CAFI? Why have taken up the fight against foreign interference? This video gives you a quick introduction to the cause and why it’s so important, in under two minutes. Please watch and share.

Russia-friendly site spread dangerous vaccine propaganda

If you think Russia is satisfied with merely meddling in elections, think again.

Back in January, ThinkProgress tracked a dangerous fake news story with Russian fingerprints that was taking Facebook by storm. The topic: Vaccinations. Specifically, it claimed that an unnamed “CDC doctor” was “causing [the] deadly flu outbreak” in the U.S.

The false news story was from a notorious disinformation site called YourNewsWire that nonetheless had amassed nearly a half-million engagements on the one story alone! YourNewsWire regularly cites Russian propaganda organs like RT as sources.

ThinkProgress noted that EU researchers have identified the site as a “proxy” for Russian disinformation.

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