Who Are You?

We are a small group of Americans deeply concerned about foreign powers like Russia interfering with U.S. economic interests via intelligence operations that could cause billions of dollars in damage. We call ourselves Citizens Against Foreign Interference because we’re ordinary citizens: small business owners, retired military, engineers, pharmacists, and so on. With Russian hackers actively targeting individuals and organizations who dare to speak out against their malicious deeds, we are deliberately keeping a low profile until there are too many of us to target.

Why Did You Start CAFI?

We launched CAFI because as we watched the unfolding saga of Russian meddling in the 2016 elections, we knew there was more to the story. Several of us had witnessed odd activity online concerning issues that we follow and know well. As details became public of the Kremlin’s operations in the U.S., we began sharing our own stories and observations over IMs and late-night beers, and quickly realized two key things: first, that the threat posed by Russia (and China) is real and diverse and more serious than most people realize; and second, that partisan squabbling around the Trump collusion investigation is obscuring a far more insidious campaign—one designed to erode our national economic security by targeting vital American industries.

This slow-and-steady campaign by our geopolitical rivals is largely hiding in plain sight; it doesn’t make for must-see-TV. So we believe the only way to fight that is to raise awareness among patriotic Americans by exposing the steady barrage of foreign attacks and propaganda. We hope more citizens from across the political spectrum will join us to demand the investigations and policy changes needed to protect our national interests.

Which Industries Are at Risk?

Many – Russian operations have targeted our electricity grid, tried to block natural gas pipelines, questioned the safety of U.S. agricultural products, stolen secrets from Silicon Valley tech companies, and even cast doubt on the efficacy of vaccines for children. That’s to say nothing of the malicious online propaganda campaigns designed to sow further rifts in our country’s population and cause us to question the integrity of our democratic process.

Is There More at Stake?

Yes. The Russian campaign, and those of others such as China, are part of a new Cold War designed to slow America down economically and mire it in petty political fights that sap our time, productivity and harmony. If they succeed in hampering our economic competitiveness, jobs will be at risk. If you’ve got money tied up in a pension fund, 401k, or 529 college plan, for example, you will feel the impact when the economy shutters. Not only that, economic hardship and unemployment are breeding grounds for civil unrest.

Are You Partisan?

No. In this fight, there’s only one party: Americans. We believe this issue transcends political alignments, because it threatens the economic security and well-being of all Americans. Though the Russian issue is mired in partisan politics, we believe sunlight is the best disinfectant (to paraphrase Justice Brandeis) and that exposing the breadth and depth of foreign meddling will spur enough government officials and politicians of all sides and to action.

How Can We Reach You?

Please send us a direct message on Twitter.

How Can I Help?

By spreading the word and joining us in our mission to boost American security. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and share our posts to help raise awareness. You can also sign up for our email list to stay up-to-date on the most important developments.

Can I Donate Money?

The only donations we seek are your time and voice. Join the growing chorus against foreign interference in America.