Citizens Against Foreign Interference (CAFI) was created to raise awareness of foreign government meddling in U.S. economic interests. Even as Russia’s election attacks on the U.S. have dominated recent news, there’s much more to the story. Every day, vital American industries from energy to agriculture face threats from Russia and other foreign adversaries—with the potential to cost American businesses billions of dollars, and lead to lost jobs and economic instability for millions of American workers.

But it’s not just our economic security at stake. Our national security is at risk when Russia and others cast doubt on the efficacy of vaccines, question the safety of U.S. agriculture, attempt to block gas pipelines, and cyberhack the electric grid.

Make no mistake, Vladimir Putin and other global adversaries have authorized such attacks on the U.S. and our allies. They have spread malicious propaganda across social media, hacked into email accounts and computer networks, fomented protests, funneled secret money into the country, and stoked dissent and division among our government leaders and the general public. The attacks continue to this day.

This site’s mission is to inform the public about the ongoing threat posed and build a groundswell of support to bring about the investigations and policy changes that can protect our national interests. We hope you will spread the word.

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