U.S. Releases National Intelligence Strategy

The U.S. faces an “ever more diverse and interconnected” set of national-security threats, including adversaries who are trying to benefit from the weakening of Western democratic ideals, according to the findings of the latest U.S. National Intelligence Strategy.

While many of the stated strategic goals in the 36-page report remains similar to years past, the document released Tuesday outlines how the U.S. intelligence community must address evolving threats “particularly in the realm of space, cyberspace, computing, and other emerging, disruptive technologies.”

“Despite growing awareness of cyber threats and improving cyber defenses, nearly all information, communication networks, and systems will be at risk for years to come.”

Russia, China, North Korea and Iran were not surprisingly called out as serious threats to U.S. national security.

Read CNN’s summary here.

Facebook IDs Russia-Linked Misinformation Campaign

The New York Times reported today that Facebook identified two disinformation campaigns originating from Russia — including one tied to an agency controlled by the Kremlin — that were targeted at users in Europe and Central Asia. Facebook said it had deleted nearly 500 pages and accounts that had posted the misleading messages.

The activity revealed by Facebook, which has been under pressure to more aggressively counter the spread of misinformation and manipulation, shows how Kremlin-linked groups continue to use the social network to spread misleading materials around the world.

Notable in this instance was the involvement of Sputnik, the Russian national news network aka propaganda organ. Along with RT (formerly Russia Today), Sputnik has played a big role in pushing the official Kremlin position to mass audiences across the world. Sputnik stories sometimes appear prominently in Google search results on topics where Russia is actively seeking to push disinformation, including their conflict with Ukraine, fracking, and election interference.

Read the full story at the New York Times.

Happy New Year

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