Kremlin interference campaigns tracked by new interactive tool

At a bipartisan event on Tuesday that included Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Ron Johnson (R-WI), the Alliance for Securing Democracy launched its Authoritarian Interference Tracker.

The new tool will help expose the Kremlin’s online interference and help the public to better understand the threat.

Noted Johnson, “Our first line of defense is exposure. We over-classify information way too much. Exposure is the best defense we have. If we don’t respond to Vladimir Putin, he’ll take another step…and then another step.”

Added Shaheen, “The threat here is trying to divide us, trying to pit people against one another…It’s about putting out information that makes people doubt the news and doubt their government.”

The Alliance for Securing Democracy has cataloged Kremlin fingerprints on over 400 incidents of interference in 42 countries. Beyond bots and troll farms, the toolbox includes information operations, cyber-attacks, political subversion, strategic economic coercion, and maligned finance.

Do you agree with the Alliance for Securing Democracy that getting ahead of the threat will require Euro-Atlantic institutions to develop robust multilateral mechanisms to identify vulnerabilities and to coordinate rapid responses and effective deterrents?

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