Kremlin deploys dangerous new hack

Western government officials and anyone on the wrong side of Vladimir Putin’s regime, beware!

The Russian hacking group Fancy Bear, which is part of the Kremlin’s military intelligence agency, has developed a new piece of malware that is so stealthy it can survive even after a complete wiping or replacement of your hard drive or a reinstall of your computer’s operating system.

The Daily Beast reports that a European security company uncovered the malicious code, which experts say is designed to give the Russian hackers long-term access to a target’s computer.

Its apparent purpose is to maintain access to a high-value target in the event the operating system gets reinstalled or the hard drive replaced—changes that would normally kick out an intruder.

Fancy Bear is already a known, formidable enemy. The group is responsible for hacks of the DNC, White House, NATO, members of Congress and a host of international organizations & governments. U.S. special prosecutor Robert Mueller  indicted 12 members of the GRU, Putin’s military intelligence agency where the hackers are based.

The development and deployment of such sophisticated cyberwar weaponry by Russia—and these tools are nothing short of that—shows the degree to which Putin and his regime are willing to go to interfere with and sabotage foreign states and businesses.

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