China using LinkedIn to recruit agents in U.S.

It’s not just Russia…. and it’s not just Facebook and Twitter.

The work-oriented social media platform LinkedIn was called out by the U.S. chief of counterintelligence as being a hotbed of Chinese recruitment activity, per a new Reuters report.

The idea: Approach Americans with access to government and industry secrets, and entice them to hand over information via bribery or phony business propositions.

Targets include experts in fields such as supercomputing, nuclear energy, nanotechnology, semi-conductors, stealth technology, health care, hybrid grains, seeds and green energy.

“We are doing everything we can to identify and stop this activity,” LinkedIn’s head of safety told Reuters.

Nevertheless, says FBI intelligence head Joshua Skule of China: “They are conducting economic espionage at a rate that is unparalleled in our history.”


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