Russian interference in Oil & Gas Industry: News9 Investigates

We were pleased to see Oklahoma’s News 9 dig into the story of Russian interference in the oil & gas industry this week. – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |


As investigative reporter Alex Cameron noted:

While it hasn’t received the same attention [as election interference], a House Science Committee report released in March documents similar efforts by Russia to use social media to influence US domestic energy policy.

“It is a form of economic sabotage they’ve been trying to perpetrate against our oil and gas industries,” said Representative Frank Lucas.

The story goes on to quote Oklahoma Oil and Gas association industry spokesman Chad Warmington.

“When you have foreign governments coming in and trying to suppress an industry, and frankly, suppress a nation, who’s providing economic and energy security to other nations, and the stabilizing force that is, that’s a huge problem that all Americans and Oklahomans ought to be concerned about.”

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