Sen. McCain: Montenegro shows “Putin’s violent ambitions”

USA Today reposted a letter from Sen. John McCain today, written one year ago, that makes clear Russia’s longterm “offensive against Western democracy” can get a lot more serious… and violent.

Montenegro doesn’t make much news, but it’s trending today as President Trump called its people “very aggressive” and suggested he might not want to defend the NATO member against foreign aggression.

Thus it’s timely to review how Russia attempted to meddle in Montenegro’s elections last year—and to  stage a coup to prevent the U.S. ally from joining NATO.

But perhaps the most disturbing indication of Putin’s violent ambitions is what happened in October 2016 in the small Balkan country of Montenegro, when Russian intelligence operatives plotted to overthrow the democratically elected government of Montenegro and murder its prime minister….

According to the indictments, two members of the Russian military intelligence agency, the GRU, took over a plot to destabilize Montenegro sometime in 2016.

Read the full account of the attempted plot here. It’s Hollywood-worthy.

Then ask yourself, What is Putin’s Russia truly capable of doing to interfere in the U.S.?

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