Russians Are Using Florida Environmental Groups to Manipulate the Energy Market

Susan Smith at Sunshine State News sums up recent accounts of how Russian funding has been worming its way into U.S. environmental groups.

Smith’s story calls out a few groups that are active in Florida, including the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, which was shown to receive funding flowing from the Sea Change Foundation, a shadowy outfit that was named in a Congressional investigation into Russian meddling.

The Southern Alliance, or SACE, does not reveal the source of its funding to protect “the privacy wishes of individual donors,” according to a Miami Herald interview with a lawyer for the group, as Smith points out.

It’s worth reminding that Florida was called out as a major focus of Russian activity in the indictments by Special Counsel Robert Mueller that were made public in February.

There’s a tangible money trail that links Vladimir Putin’s Russian government with U.S. environmental groups — and, yes, some of those groups are in Florida. Why can’t we find a word about it in the mainstream media?

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